Pilates and More: The Body-Mind Connection

At Pilates and More we are all about women. Women of all different shapes and sizes! Whether you are a top athlete or a beginner, young or old, thin and not-so-thin, we are here to keep you healthy, happy and fit!

At Pilates and More we provide you with an alternative experience in fitness. By combining cutting edge technology, state of the art equipment, and innovative techniques, we provide you with smarter solutions to energize and motivate your body & mind... for life!

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STOTT PILATES WORKSHOPS Pre-natal Pilates on the Mat - 9:30am- 11:30am
Pre-natal Pilates on the Reformer - 1pm-3pm
Post-natal Pilates - 4pm - 6pm

Conducted by Ms. Vivian Zapanta
Senior STOTT Pilates IT

Hosted by Pilates and More Women's Health Club

On 19th of June 2016 

For 37KD Per Person/ Workshop
Join all 3 workshops for 102 KD only.

Wednesday's Classes

  • Morning Classes

    ZUMBA 3 / Starts 10am

    AQUAFIT / Starts 11am

    PILATES MATWORK 1 / Starts 12pm

  • Afternoon Classes

    STEP AEROBICS 1 / Starts 1pm

    ASHTANGA YOGA / Starts 2pm

    SPINNING 1 / Starts 3pm

    POWER CIRCUIT / Starts 4pm

  • Evening Classes

    PILATES REFORMER 2 / Starts 5pm

    STEP AEROBICS 2 / Starts 5pm

    ZUMBA 3 / Starts 6pm

    BODY SCULPT / Starts 7pm

    PILATES REFORMER 1 / Starts 7pm

    DRUMBEATS / Starts 8pm

    PILATES MATWORK 2 / Starts 8pm