Tuesday's Classes

  • Morning Classes

    LADANZA! ORIENTAL / Starts 10am

    PILATES REFORMER 2* / Starts 10am

    Firm Body Awesome Abs Circuit / Starts 11am

    JUMPING / Starts 12pm

    PILATES-YOGA FUSION / Starts 12pm

  • Afternoon Classes

    AEROBICS HIGH LOW 1 / Starts 1pm

    FLOWIN / Starts 2pm

    STEP AEROBICS 1 / Starts 3pm

    PILATES MATWORK 2 / Starts 4pm


  • Evening Classes

    AQUA FIT / Starts 5pm

    YOGA FOR WEIGHT-LOSS / Starts 5pm

    VIRTUAL CYCLING 2 / Starts 6pm

    X-TRAIN BASE (XCO) / Starts 6pm

    JUMPING / Starts 7pm

    GYMSTICK MUSCLE / Starts 8pm

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IQflow™ is the world’s first piece of design fitness furniture. IQflow™ is a time-saving, fun, and innovative exercise machine made to work body and mind. IQflow™ allows a smooth flow of movements and invites the user to work through muscles and joints in full range of motion. Exercises are performed against a gentle, finely closed, organically working resistance in any direction.

Its special features emphasize on functional training useful for individual daily activities as well as for athletic conditioning. IQflow™ challenges all fitness aspects such as muscle strength, muscle endurance, power, balance, coordination, and flexibility. IQflow™ promotes body-mind relaxation and enhanced an increased feeling of happiness. It encourages the user to break through the barriers of familiar ways of training and redefine movement in space. IQflow™ is the perfect fitness device to explore unlimited creativity.

IQflow™ benefits:

• creates intelligence of movement
• improves posture
• enhances self-esteem
• strengthens core muscles
• tones the body
• assists in weight loss
• improves flexibility
• invigorates circulation
• stimulates recreation
• facilitates rehabilitation

I Qflow™ training is available in a 25 minutes personal work-out, 50 minutes personal training session, 45 minutes circuit training, and 25 minutes rehabilitative conditioning.